Tape It

After a depressing week of feeling hopeless (doc basically told me that my knee would never heal), I thought... f*ck it. So against all logic, I ran the Tegernseelauf half marathon yesterday.

I watched a few youtube videos on how to stabilize my knee with kinesio tape, popped an ibuprofen and headed to the starting line. I was so excited to finally run again that I went out a bit too fast. So no negative split and no PR, but it felt frickin amazing.

The race announcer was apparently amused by my brightly taped knee :)  Trying to look composed before a crowd and conversing in German proved to be even more of a challenge than running a half on very minimal training. Haha!

Before yesterday's race, I had never used, let alone run, with kinesio tape. So, I expected to wake up this morning with a painful knee. Guess what?! It feels great! Which means that I don't feel anything at all. Did the stair test... no pain! Damn! This kinesio tape does wonders! Will have to order in bulk in a rainbow of colors. Feeling hopeful...


I’m no sneaker aficionado so I was a bit late into the game with the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged. As my running is close to none these days (chondromalacia a.k.a. runner's knee) I really had no justification for new running shoes. Instead, I was on the lookout for some cool sneakers and came across the Uncaged. It was love at first sight. And they’re actual running shoes! Ok, it doesn’t get any better than this. Until I realized they were just about sold out everywhere in Europe. I finally located a pair at a small shop in Switzerland. Whew. So of course I had to take them on a short test run. The shoe feels as good as it looks. The sock-like Primeknit is so unbelievably comfortable and there's more cushioning than I’m used to, so I hope that’s a good thing for my knee. Finally! Running shoes with street style. Happy.

100 in 3?!

100 push-ups in 3 minutes?! I always wonder who comes up with these challenges. Out of curiosity, I gave it a go today (arms are still shaking). Reached 60! First 25 nonstop, then rest and continued in increments of 5. Longest three minutes of my life. Can't believe J can do the full 100! Will try again next week. 

In the meantime, still cross training (damn knee). So who's taking up this #100pushupchallenge next?

100 in 3

Finally ... So about 6 months ago, someone told me about this challenge. The challenge consists of doing 100 proper push-ups in 3 minutes. It sounds easy. So I tried. I did 60 and was so sore for a week. A few weeks later, I tried again, I did 80 - yippee!! I can do this. I was so sore, it was debilitating so I did not try again for awhile. When I did try, with all my might, I made it to 90. That was enough for me. All good - never trying again. Then today came, and I tried, and I did it!!!! Hurrah!! Never give up, even if it is something so silly like this. It makes life fun.

P.S. Why did Pepperdine University, a Division 1 school get rid of their proper track?????? More to come on this as a former runner and coach for Pepperdine, I have a lot to say - sorry. Change is needed.