Mind Over Matter

Barriers. They come in all shapes and sizes. How do we knock them down?! Please tell me!!
P and I are planning to run a marathon in November. I have never run one. P is injured. I am certain P will be over her barrier by November, but will I?  My problem is two-fold. First, I can't just run a marathon for the fun of it (sadly). I have already decided I must run a sub three hour marathon or bust, this is probably impossible, but still my goal. Ughh. Secondly, I don't love distance. I have such a mental barrier against it. I prefer five miles and below as fast as I can. So maybe this is good for me. Or maybe not. I do have to try. I am thinking one 18 mile long run before.. with a few scattered 8-13 mile runs as well. Tips please. Sports psychologist needed!

Do You Connect?

For years, I did my indoor cardio without any music or headphones. Couldn't be bothered with mulling over a playlist or fumbling with a device. And I didn't want to surrender myself to daytime television. I prided myself on my ability to push through long boring sessions without any media distractions. That's mental toughness. Then along came the iPhone and Spotify and I swooned... I gave in and began sweating to my favorite tunes. All good. Now I have a new thing... watching Netflix and Apple TV shows on my phone. It can be an oddly mesmerizing 40-some minutes of cardio. The OA anyone?

There Are No Words

I love trails. I so often get caught up in running on the beach, I forget about the magic of trails. I love the crunch beneath my feet, the grounding, the beauty. Running is such a gift. Truly. On so many levels.

Two days ago, I went to visit my former collegiate coach - Coach K - aged 93. He coached me from 1993 onward. He is heading home to his beautiful wife soon... the most amazing, caring, kind man. He has been my mentor since age 17. I don't know if there are many people like him anymore. Today, I ran his favorite workout at alumni park. 5x1000 meters with a minute rest. I kept listening to his words which I have heard thousands of times up that crazy hill, "pumpkin, thumbs up knees up, drive, drive". If you are lucky enough to know Coach K, go see him now. He is god's gift to every runner.

Oiselle tights // Lululemon's Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

Oiselle tights // Lululemon's Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew