How Nice

The last time I was at the Côte d'Azur was with J, way back during our Paris days. With our Eurail passes and travelers checks in hand, we schlepped our ginormous backpacks to the sparkling aqua waters of southern France. We happened to be in Cannes during the film festival and were in awe of all the glamour surrounding the gala affair. Our attire at that time consisted of denim cut-offs, plaid shirts and, of course, running shoes, so there was no way we were permitted to enter any respectable establishment. We thought it was hilarious and still had a blast on a student's shoestring budget. We always said we'd return one day together in better style. Incidentally, J did attend the film festival a couple of years ago, but sans moi, so I'm trying to convince her to run the French Riviera Marathon with me someday.

By the way, my knee got an extra dose of ibuprofen and another setback from this morning's run. But I think it was worth it...

Twin Cities

I recently visited Portugal for the first time and was struck by how much it reminded me of Malibu. Particularly, Sagres, a beautiful surf town located at the western tip of the Algarve coast. Its dramatic scenery of gouged cliffs, the raging sea, stunning landscape and rugged trails are all very similar to those of Malibu, even the June gloom. It's been fun to reminisce of runs long past while running there. Think I'm in love.





Falesia Beach in Albufeira Oiselle's Flyte Tank // Lululemon's Run Times Short

Falesia Beach in Albufeira

Oiselle's Flyte Tank // Lululemon's Run Times Short

The Perfect Traveling Piece

Uniqlo's ultra light down vest // Adidas Adizero Adios 3

This uniqlo puffer (the ultra light down vest, it also comes in a fabulous charcoal and a silver, $49.90) vest is a must when you travel - even in the summer.  It folds up into a tiny bag that you can stuff into any crevice of your luggage. It is so light, you can run with it on, without burning up - not to mention, it is so cozy to have on post run, to grab a croissant and coffee without feeling the morning chill. 

When there is an unexpected cold rainy summer night, just throw it on under a blazer or coat and pull off a look that is tres chic. You can easily take this piece from day to night without sacrificing style. I am obsessed.