Dolly Parton has long been known for her zingers and added social media queen to her title with her ‘LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder’ meme. Her challenge went viral as did her catchphrase ‘Get you a woman who can do it all’. She’s our Supa 9 to 5 girl!.

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Tops and tees for Super Women

Wear it to gym. Take it for a night out. You're off duty and always Supa.

The Future Is Supafemme

Meet Polly and Ciara

You know those t-shirts that are destined to become legends in your life? The Supafemme story starts when Ciara and Polly bonded over their shared obsession of tees.

They had each amassed a large collection, but it was Ciara’s favourite from years back that really brought them together. She loved its cut and casual ease and could never find a replacement. It turned out that Polly was the designer and they were now living a block from one another. The rest is Supa history. 

Supafemme is Super Woman. She's bold. She's brilliant. She's brave. She's Supa. She's the future. 

The Future is Supafemme.

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